Pre-order Guide

Here is a bite size guide of how pre-orders work at!

1. What’s a pre-order?

Pre-order is an item that is not yet available. It might be a concept or a sample, but it’s not “ready to purchase” Pre-orders allow me to see if the item is interesting for you all, while allowing me to create them exclusively for all of you in your specific size. I find this much better than ready to buy items since this way we 100% ensure you get your desired choices!

2. How long a pre-order lasts?
Pre-orders usually last for a month or less, during that period anyone can pre-order items. Dates of pre-orders are always pinned on my Twitter profile.
3. When will I receive my items?

All items show in their description an initial estimated timeline for them to be available. This way, you can easily check the timeline for each individual product. A more accurate schedule will be provided through email a few days after pre-orders close.

All products are subject to be delayed by production times, sampling, shipping to us or any circumstance. All dates mentioned are an estimation only.

4. I pre-ordered my items, now what?
Once pre-orders finish, after a week approx. we send out an email containing shipping information and a timeline for everyone to have some *estimated* dates for their products to start shipping, together with an estimated shipping schedule for each country. The email is usually sent around a week after pre-orders close so we have time to check all inventory and get an updated / confirmed estimated production time from our partners.
5. Extras / Bonuses
As a thank you for the support and patience, pre-orders come with exclusive freebies + merch exclusively created for it, so do not miss out!
6. I missed out x product. Is it coming back?
After pre-order period i can’t guarantee at all items will come back, but if they’re leftovers, they will be for sale eventually. We are a incredibly small business so we cannot really control the performance of items nor its stock.
Thank you so much for your support. <3